Future resident--Catherine Feliz

Catherine Feliz (they/them) is an interdisciplinary artist, medicine person, writer, archivist, and full spectrum doula born and raised in NYC (occupied Lenape territory). Their medicine path is indebted to their mother, grandmother, and ancestral spirits whom have shared their wisdoms intimately tied with the sacred landscape and histories of the Bahoruco mountains of Kiskeya Ayiti. Catherine’s identities as a queer, first-generation, bi-lingual, intuitive, Afro-Latinx inform their everyday magical practice of bridging different worlds together with the support of plant allies. Abuela Taught Me, a modern mobile botanica co-founded with Cleopatra Tatabele, is born out of the ethic that love is revolutionary when in action. Catherine is also a founding member of Homecoming, a qtbipoc birth justice collective.