Future resident--Amanda Mollindo

Amanda Mollindo is an artist who cultivates beauty and clarity to amplify stories that matter. By finding relevance in complex ideas and nuance in difficult topics, she uses photography to examine personal, familial, and societal relationships that are often stigmatized or ignored.

After a quiet childhood in an Arizona bordertown, Amanda followed her passion for the arts by pursuing a BFA in Photography at Arizona State University, where she graduated with honors in 2015. There, she took an interdisciplinary approach to her education, combining photography, narrative, and digital media in her creative practice. When she's not taking pictures, Amanda applies her marketing and business knowledge to create content for aftrART, a website that supports the professional development of student and early-career artists. Through blog posts, videos, and podcasts, she is committed to creating practical resources, sharing experiences, and increasing accessibility in the arts. 

During her residency at The Future, Amanda will be working on Beyond the Vessel, a project that explores the history and evolution of reproductive autonomy through portraiture and still life photography.
You can find Amanda online through her website, Instagram, and YouTube.