Future Resident--aimee

aimee is an interdisciplinary artist based in Baltimore and anywhere. her background as a fiber artist and musician reinforces her belief that everything is interconnected. a weaver, woodworker, and natural dyer, her work is a meditation on material and labor. field research is crucial to her practice, whether it is visiting places to harness different collective energies and perspectives or investigating liminal space through attunement. most recently, she is performing with rocks, contact mics, and handwoven fabric as an exploration of communication through instinct and ritual. these sound pieces unveil access to non-linear worlds, as amplified fragments from different places are brought together.  aside from visual art, she also plays in various music projects. currently, she is in the midst of cataloguing a cosmic library.

website: aimeeaimeeaimee.com 
Instagram: @aimeeaimeeaimee