Future Residency--Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke is focused on students, teaching, and her trans-disciplinary art/design practice – where her work ranges from outdoor permanent built works, to temporary traveling installations, to sculpture in galleries, and participatory public events. Students are always employed in her practice, and her practice inspires her teaching.

Krinke became a landscape architect out of a deep love and connection to nature. At Sasaki Associates and the Central Artery Project in Boston, her focus was urban parks and public infrastructural space. She began making sculpture as a way to be more directly involved with materials, making, and non-traditional ideas of the landscape. It was this hybrid work in landscape architecture-art that led to her being invited to teach at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design with George Hargreaves.



April 7: Dream Talking by Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke, Future artist-in-residence, has created "Dream Talking” - an installation and public event on dreams and sleep for your viewing and participation
With: Nick Bad Heart Bull, Zhiyun Cheng, Sydney Shea
7-9pm, free