Future Residency--Lindsay Rhyner

Lindsay Rhyner was born in Rochester Minnesota in 1981. Lindsay's formative years were spent nurturing multiple creative interests in the visual arts. After graduating from high school at Perpich Center for arts Education and a semester studying art at University of Wisconsin, Rhyner withdrew from school in order to travel. In the early 2000s she traveled extensively around the United States and began collecting unusual materials and finding inspiration in them. Rhyner discovered a newfound interest in manipulating and collaging textiles, combining assorted mediums and interests such as sewing, costume making, beading, collage and painting.  Lindsay focuses creating large scale wall hangings from a variety of materials from unique sources, most being waste or second-hand textile and plastic goods. The process of creating the work is spontaneous, Rhyner collages, re-arranges and then sews the tapestries by hand. Rhyner lives and works in Minneapolis and can often be found biking around scouring the alleys and thrift stores of minneapolis for materials. Rhyner's work can be found hanging in many friends houses around Minneapolis and in some out of state private collections. Recent group exhibitions include Two Dark Horses and Edge of Camp at Bockley Gallery in Minneapolis. Made Here: Represent artist showcase in downtown Minneapolis. Recent solo exhibitions include Drug Rugs at Soo Local Gallery, Minneapolis and Material Worlds at Minneapolis Artists Exhibitions Program Gallery at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.