2020 Residents Announced!

We're so happy to announce the 2020 Future residents! Artists in residence at The Future use a short stay to delve into their work with magic, healing, and the unknown. Often their residency culminates in a public offering.

You can read more about them in their bios, and get on our mailing list/follow us + them on Insta to hear about their events! 

It's such an honor to host all these brilliant geniuses, act as a lab/healing/hibernating/experimenting space and share community! Excited for an inspiring 2020!

Riso Residents
Adrienne Doyle
Josh T Franco
Angel Lauren Garcia & Samantha Rehark
Marlee Grace
E Henderson
Minna Jain
Chris Larson
Alex Stillman
Kate Strathmann
Working Witches of the World

Witches' Residents
Erin Alise
Ashley Hartman Annis
Elvis Bakaitis
Dana Balicki
Blair Bogin
Dani Burlison
Marisa de la Peña
Catherine Feliz
Gabriel Friedman
Lauren Giambrone
Sarah Faith Gottesdiener
Chelsea Iris Granger
Allison Halter
Jeff Hinshaw
Fatima-Ayan Malika Hirsi
Courtney Kalinowski
Anna Lee
Sam Lofgren
Jade Marks
Rubina Martini
Kristin McGraw
Milo Miller
Gabrielle Moritz
Celeste Neuhaus
Nelly Reznik
Moriah Simmons
Maria Vashakidze
Hannah Wnorowski
Jaime Allyce Wright

Weavers Guild of Minnesota Residents
Stephanie Aguayo
Lena Kolb
Haley Prochnow

To learn more about the artists in residence, click here.