Yes Goddess shirt

Yes Goddess shirt

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YES GODDESS is a band featuring healer artists Edgar Fabian Frias, Season Oh, and Eliza Swann.

The phrase is a spell, an affirmation, a celebration and a rallying cry to celebrate the Goddess and the sacred feminine that lives in us all! We define “feminine” not as a gender, but as a construct encompassing many aspects of our world that have been erased, conquered, and shamed such as: intuition, emotions, the body, creativity, sensitivity, care, interdependence, nurturance, and love.

These YES GODDESS Unisex T-Shirts also act as a protection spell!

The spell ingredients are: angelica flower, angelica root, bat power, bee power, butterfly power, cat power, cinnamon fern, earthworm power, lemon, patchouli, psilocybin mushrooms, red pine, salvia flower, seahorse power, seashell power, spider power, spiral power, sword fern, and a "Venus" figurine.

Please see the last photo for sizing information. We use the Bella + Canvas 100% organic cotton unisex shirt.