Witches in a Crumbling Empire

Witches in a Crumbling Empire

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“The Empire under which we all suffer, under which we are all ruled, was born upon the factory floor and upon the witch’s stake. But in the char of those burnings and the soot from those smokestacks we can see its impending death…”

Beauty stolen in a tavern of a Scottish port. A dead Cathar’s caress as a man waits for bootsteps that will drag him away. Rain-drenched grief over iron bridges. Plastic fairies littering an ancient stone circle. Sex amongst bones and the howls of the Hunter.

A new collection of essays, mystic prose, and poems from Gods&Radicals co-founder Rhyd Wildermuth, including the expanded and previously un-released text of his speech, “Witches In a Crumbling Empire.”

Witches In A Crumbling Empire weaves together love, resistance, and magic into a ritual not to hold up the pillars of Empire as they fall, but to dance as they collapse.