White Sage Tarot - 1st Edtion Deck

White Sage Tarot - 1st Edtion Deck

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What’s included in the 1st Edition, White Sage Tarot Deck?

1) 78 Card White Sage Tarot Deck, with classic Rider-Waite titles on cards printed on heavy cardstock

2) Rigid cardboard, lift-top box

3) Little White Book - brief descriptions of every card (U = upright R = reversed), Chakra colors for an additional way to read the deck. 

4) Longer descriptions of cards. A detailed look at every one of the cards, simple explanations of how to read tarot and chakra basics too! 

5) Sprig of White Sage - used to cleanse your deck -  Light the sage with a match over a plate or a shell (something fire-proof) - allow the smoke to cover your deck to cleanse it.