Venus Transit Moon Phase Print

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A beautiful Moon Art print based on an antique Astronomy illustration described as ‘Telescopic view of Venus’ detailing the Moon Phases and Transit of Venus and Transit of Mercury, and heavily redesigned in our studio to give it a unique design and composition and stunning textural finish as wall art. For lovers of Astrology art and Astronomy art, 19th Century art and illustrations, and beautiful vintage prints.

About the Venus Transits:

In 1874, and again in 1882, Venus passed across the face of the Sun. These events, known as Transits of Venus, occur in pairs more than a century apart – the previous transits had occured in 1761 and 1769, and the most recent pair happened in 2004 and 2012. Observing the transits of Venus has been used to calculate the distance of the Earth from the Sun.

Archival Giclée pigment prints on 100% cotton (tree-free) 255gsm Archival Fine Art paper.

Available in 8x10" or 11x14"