Venus Love Bath Salt

Venus Love Bath Salt

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Sprinkle 3-4 spoonfuls in bath and mix with foot in clockwise motion.  Herbs of venus inspires harmony in personal relationships and friendships.   They can help attract a mate into your life, especially when paired with a pink candle.  Also,  bringing attractiveness and younger-looking skin.

Planets: Venus
Elements: Water
Zodiac:  Pisces + Taurus
Crystal Prescriptions: Garnet, Gaia stone, Rose quartz, Amethyst, Chrysoprase, Spessartine garnet

-Epsom salt + Clay detoxes and reduces inflammation
-Helps promote harmony in personal relationships and attract loving relationships

Epsom salt, Rose hips, Rose, Jasmine, Passionflower, Rose quartz gem essence, Bentonite clay, & various essential oils