The Veil Ancestral Reverence Elixir

The Veil Ancestral Reverence Elixir

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Crafted with intentions of being open to connection with our ancestors, spirits, & guides throughout the seasons & especially during the time of the thin veil. Contains herbs for divination, connection, & spiritual protection. Ancestral reverence is a practice observed by cultures & traditions throughout the world. Here is a spell chere wrote that they like to use when working with this elixir:

May the ancestors & the mighty dead be pleased. May we be open to receiving their messages, their wisdom, their strength, their love, & their protection. May we remember to offer them our gratitude & our time, to nourish them & to keep them well fed. May we work with them on our side to protect the waters, stop DAPL, & begin making actual reparations for the legacies of colonial violence & trauma against people of color & indigenous people on Turtle Island in service of healing justice”

Ingredients: devil’s club, osha, sage, passionflower, brandy, honey

Suggested Use: 1-3 droppers as needed throughout the day and/or during meditation or altar-sitting. Shake well before use.

1 ounce