The Sex Jam

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//Ultimate herbal + biodynamic ghee botanical pleasure drip… jazzed engorgement

In this proprietary blend, experience the enchantment and enhancement of photochemically rich botanical pleasure.

This blend is your queen, a secret smirk, a power move wrapped into a nourishing balm. Known to deeply heal vaginal tissues on a cellular level, biodynamic grass-fed ghee simmered with the full and waxing moon is the base to this jam. Infused with illustrious Saffron, smoky raw Pequi oil, and Ayurvedic Rama tulsi to add to your erotic empowerment. Lush flowering Chickweed, deep + slinky organic vanilla beans, and adaptogenic Schizandra berry make this blend a dedication to sexual beauty. Finished with just a touch of CBD infused avocado honey, known to enhance lactobacilli biome balance, and reverent golden Champaca flower essence.

Rare planetary essences, Rhodonite, and Nirvana Quartz harmonize raw sexual alignment and flow.

Jam it, slam it, slide it and ride it.

Ingredients// Full Moon::Waxing Moon Biodynamic Grass-Fed Ghee, Solar + Lunar infused biodynamic Olive Oil with Wildcrafted, Organic, and/or Ayurvedically grown herbs of fresh flowering Chickweed, Schizandra berry, Wild Roses, Saffron Threads, Raw Vanilla Bean, Rama Tulsi, Raw Fair Trade Cacao Butter, Local beeswax, Raw Cold-Pressed Pequi oil, Cannabidiol-infused Raw Avocado Honey, Golden Champaca flower essence, gem essences of Nirvana Quartz + Rhodonite and planetary essences of a Grand Sextile and Venus in Scorpio.

100ml ultraviolet glass jar