The Printer's Tarot

The Printer's Tarot

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The PRINTERS’ TAROT was conceived and created by Nicole Em, beginning in November 2017. In a true moment of flow, she designed almost the entire Major Arcana in one sitting. As a student of letterpress printing, Nicole has a deep love of letterforms and a belief that typography is simply full of magic.

This 78-card black and white tarot deck is designed entirely using letterforms to create images. None of the letterforms were distorted to make the images; they were merely manipulated in space and layered. It uses the typeface Garamond, which hails from the same era and locale as some of the first tarot decks.

The face cards depart from the traditional and are instead made up of novices, apprentices, journeymen, and master printers. It seemed only right to celebrate the skill, trade, and craft of letterpress printing as part of a deck that is so wildly enamored with typography.

The deck was digitally designed and is printed by Dale Rand Printing, a union printshop in Portland, Maine.