The Lovers Tarot print

The Lovers Tarot print

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This 4 colored hand drawn and hand pulled silkscreen poster is a personal interpretation of The Lovers Tarot card. It is printed on 14 in x 11 in 90 lbs. on Starbright Aquamarine.

My numerology tarot card for 2021 was The lovers. This was definitely the hardest tarot card I had to draw yet. I realized while drawing this that I’ve never been romantically in love with someone, forcing me to use personal symbols of love I have had for my friends and mythology.

The Lovers features swans, snakes, the symbol for Aphrodite, the all seeing eye, peonies, myrtles, gladioluses, and laelia orchid.

Swans were considered a symbol of Aphrodite. The majority of black swans, queer or straight, mate for life and when one dies, the other is said to die of a broken heart.

Snakes are a symbol of protection in a lot of cultures. In a tiny town near where my nonna is from in Italy, for hundreds of years they have a snake festival to celebrate the protection that snakes provide for their garden.

Peonies and myrtles for love. Myrtles were often associated with Venus and would be worn as crowns in weddings.

Gladioluses symbolize bravery because in order to be in love with someone you have to be brave and vulnerable.

laelia orchid for the love of friendship.