That 90s Tarot

That 90s Tarot

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this is a full 80 card RWS based deck with two bonus cards, a small description sheet and hard cardboard box. this deck will not come with a printed guidebook, but there is an online version discussing the cards as well as the people chosen to represent each archetype. the major arcana and the court cards have characters, while the pip cards all have collages of their respective suits (ie they do not have people on them).

due to some concerns over the appropriation of language, the illest tarot is officially renamed to that 90s tarot!!! ill is part of the african american vernacular english lexicon, and my use of it made folks uncomfortable. i didn’t get that before, but i get it now and i apologize to anyone who felt harmed by that mis-step. this is meant to be a tool of reflection and inspiration, and that's what i hope to continue to convey. if you have an older copy of the deck, the updated guide and pw link will be changing, so if you don't see an email from me, please message me for the new info.

a percentage of every deck will be donated to a cause i care about. to date, i have been able to send funds to my local non profit mental health center, black lives matter, rainn, grind for life, children's hospital los angeles, north bay california fire relief, moms demand action for gun sense in america, pr x pr bebuild and relief fund... but also some incredible thinkers, healers and artists who are doing amazing work. please check them out if you feel so inclined:

africa hannibal (starting a podcast collective in brooklyn)
quiero: a show about latinx who want it all (which got fully funded!! yeah baby!!)
addie addye studios (also funded, yay!!)
dharma punx nyc (his talks save my life on the regular)
queer mikvah (beautiful!! please check this out)
layla saed (the me & white supremacy ig challenge was so powerful)
dust ll onyx (pls support this amazing creation of a deck!!!)