Sugar Mama Gem Essence Elixir

Sugar Mama Gem Essence Elixir

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Contains: Essences of pink opal, serpentine, rhodochrosite, clear quartz, blessings of The Matronae held in spring water, elderflower, motherwort and honey infused apple brandy.

Bottled & blessed with manifestation magic on unceded Ohlone land, San Francisco, CA.

This NEW gem essence resources your re-parenting process. Heal childhood financial/emotional wounds due to neglect, receiving material treats instead of having emotional needs met, and fending for yourself too early.

To use: Speak your intentions out loud. Place 4 drops under your tongue, in a glass of water, on heart center, or on your altar to assist your inner child in feeling seen, held, nurtured, and nourished, helping you become a better adult.