Shadow + Light Plant Essence

Shadow + Light Plant Essence

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++ Calling in witness & integration of the shadow, care for young, rejected, and/or wounded parts, self-determination as self-love, & full acceptance of the complexity of self ++

An energetic essence for the shadow & light of under(earth) journeying, shadow work, for calling back & integrating rejected parts, for returning care to these parts in ourselves & others.

As individuals in search of healing, there is an urgent need to be committed to welcoming our full selves, including the rejected and deeply wounded parts of ourselves. Many call this work of integrating the full self shadow work, a desire and willingness to witness the parts of ourselves and our world far from the light of day. I also call this work wound dwelling which for me is a commitment to dwelling in the wound, the pain, without expectations, demands, or running, or abandoning, when it gets hard. It’s a willingness to learn from these places, remembering the deep wisdom in these places and the transformation that can occur when we tend to and witness these underworlds. There is an immense well of energy in these parts of ourselves that we often times reject and disown. Welcoming these parts and getting to know them is a practice of re-humanization and allows us to build up our reserves of energy while allowing us to show up as the complex creatures we are. This work with this essence can be subtle and powerful.

This essence is one calling on the energetics and wisdom of poisonous and edge dwelling plants. Flower and plant essences of these uniquely-attuned-to-these-times-plants offer a safer way to work with them. An essence is a really wise way to work with poison plants, unless you have an ongoing relationship with them. Poison doesn’t transmit through the essence but the lessons certainly do. By using just the essence, rather than the constituents, these remedies can be taken under the tongue, in a glass of water, on the skin, or even in a bath.

On Flower Essences:

Flower essences are subtle but powerful medicine. Made with the blooms of flowers or parts of plant, the essence holds the energetic body of the plant and by introducing your body to the energetic body of the plant, incremental shifts can occur on an emotional and spiritual level. The essences are made by placing plant material in water, under the sun and moon, and then adding water and an alcohol for preservation. They can be used with children as you are only using a few drops.

Directions: Before taking, call all parts of yourself back, welcoming them home. Call in a new kind of “wholeness”, untethered to linearity or a destination. Call in what you would like more of in this life. Enjoy 3-5 drops as desired or a few times day under tongue, in a glass or bottle of water, in a bath, or directly on skin

1oz. dosage bottle (not the stock essence)

Ingredients: essences of jack in the pulpit, datura, ghost pipe, milkweed, foxglove, bindweed, poison ivy, opium poppy, white baneberry with water and small amounts of brandy and vodka