Serpentine Talisman

Serpentine Talisman

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a symbol of regeneration, renewal, and the cycle of life and death, the snake is frightening for some. For those who know these cycles are the only guarantee of life, the serpent is an animal who finds comfort in the rays of the sun as well as underground, and a symbol of knowing when to shed that which is no longer needed.

These pieces were created to help access the inner realms of consciousness through symbolism. Our conscious minds speak in verbal language, our subconscious speaks in images. Interpreted in a medium so closely familiar to us, textiles, these images get to travel with us as we become more transformative and expansive.

use the included needle and thread to sew this into a garment - your favorite jacket, your lucky bra, or a backpack - as a powerful form of metaphysical enhancement.

3" x 3" on a 4.25" x 3.625 card, includes a folded info sheet - sharing what the intention was for creating the talisman, what dyes were used, possible energetic pairings, an outline for creating your own ritual, and a mini stitch lesson!

Dyed with black walnut harvested in the fall and white birch bark gathered from downed trees in the spring.