September 19, 26 + October 10: Reading the Energy and Intelligence of Plants

September 19, 26 + October 10: Reading the Energy and Intelligence of Plants

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Herbal medicine is regaining traction in our cultural healthcare. A combination of traditional knowledge being kept alive through books and oral traditions with contemporary capacities in biomedical, phytopharmaceutical and phytochemical research sciences have supported amazing potential and possibility for healing contained in the plant world in many ways. This external wealth of knowledge is expansive and almost infinite and overwhelming at how do we approach it on our terms, access our own innate wisdom with intuitive sense, and foster a personal relationship with these plant intelligences?

In this class we will discuss plant evolution, and plant sensory capabilities as well as the benefit of nurturing our connection to the plant world, to begin to see them as individual intelligences with information to offer, and how we may access a level of personal relationship and energetic communication with individual plants as well as the natural world at large. We will practice personal grounding techniques that benefit and nurture the capacity to listen with openness to the heart and mind and help us stay connected to our bodies and senses. We might find that we know more than we think when we just listen!

Participants in this class will also craft a personal or flower essence to bring home that will help to support energetic connection capacities. Remedies discussed in this class are not intended to prevent, cure, treat or diagnose any medical condition and are not intended to suggest replacement and/or discontinuation of current medications or treatments for participants.

Carolyn Smith has been a student of herbal medicine since 2008. Brought up in St. Paul, MN, in a relatively conventional midwestern family, she began developing an awareness of plants and their medicinal value through classes with herbalist, Lise Wolff. She completed Lise's Three Seasons Herbal Intensive in 2010, and has been Lise's apprentice since fall of 2012. She has gathered many other immersive education experiences as well including internships at medicinal herb farms, studies with many other practitioners and working in retail with natural health care. Working closely with Lise, Carolyn has learned: the power of subtle small doses of plants for healing; the use of local abundant plants for medicine; the value of carefully listening to people and their pulse to hear what they need; and listening to plants to learn what they do. Through Lise's mentorship she has established her own herbal consultation practice.

6-8 pm. $69 + $5 materials fee, or $23 + $5 materials fee for each individual class