Scopa Deck

Scopa Deck

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Scopa is a lively 400+ year old Italian card game + similar to tarot, the cards have been used for centuries as a method of divination. This 40 card deck contains suits of Crystals, Daggers, Prayer Candles, and Cups. Each suit also contains three face cards, traditionally the Cavallo (Knight), Donna (Queen), and Re (King), which have been replaced by the Wanderer, Mystic, and Creator.

Each of the cards was individually hand drawn, scanned, and digitally collaged. Scopa cards are smaller than traditional playing cards. The 2.25 x 3.5 inch cards are  printed on embossed linen 310 gsm paper in the so called United States + housed in a two-part box along with a 24 page, two-color, riso printed guidebook that includes a brief history of scopa, card interpretations, and instructions for use.

Each deck also comes with a dark green velour pouch, hand printed with a sprig of rosemary in metallic silver ink.

10% of the proceeds redistributed to K'é Infoshop, a Diné feminist collective with anarchist and communist tendencies in Tséghahoodzaní, Dinétah whose organizing principals are guided by the Diné philosophy of "K’é Hasin," the presence of Kinship and Everlasting Hope, and the belief that we must bind our futures together for total liberation.