Saturn Grounded Planetary Vibrational Essence

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 Stay on Task!

Achieve balanced groundedness, strength, and structure. Great for manifesting through the material world, working with limitations, and when needing patience, endurance, or discipline. Recommended during times of frenetic overwhelm, road rage, superficiality and positive representation. Includes vibrational essences of Corn, Larch, Oregon Oak, Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, organic cane alcohol, personal ceremony and celestial intention.

A unique combination of astrology, flower essences and gem remediation, Planetary Vibrational Essences are intentionally blended together to gently support one during transitional times, or to boost certain qualities about oneself. You don’t necessarily need to know anything about astrology to use these vibrational essences, simply read the descriptions and see what fits for you. Trust that you’ll make the right choice intuitively. Directions for taking vibrational essences are on the bottle, but it’s not limited to oral intake. Try putting it in your drinking water, put drops on your skin, use for meditation, place on your altar, give as an offering or to put drops in a spray bottle and spritz yourself.

1oz sealed liquid tincture in a beautiful gradient bottle from pink to blue.

All statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and should not be consumed if pregnant. Please tell your primary care physician when you are on a herbal supplement.