Protection : Rosemary Oxymel

Protection : Rosemary Oxymel

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Rosemary Oxymel ~ sweet boundaries & protection.

Rosemary is a powerful protector as it keeps unwanted energies away. Rosemary Oxymel is a sweet way to take you herbs whether you're working towards cultivating healthy boundaries or keeping away the evil eye. This oxymel also contains pink yarrow flower essence --- to help sensitive ones develop health psychic boundaries and a strong sense of self. Grounding and protective Rosemary Oxymel invites this strength and protection in a gentle, loving way.

Oxymel is an ancient form of medicine. The word “oxymel” is derived from Greek meaning “Oxy”/Acid “Mel/Honey”, meaning acid honey. Snakeroot uses organic apple cider vinegar and local Topanga canyon honey for all of our oxymel's magic. This is a delicious, alcohol free way to take herbal medicines. Each Snakeroot oxymel is kid-friendly. We believe the more delicious the medicine the more likely it is to be taken, enjoyed, and harmonize with our body/mind/and spirit.

ingredients: rosemary *, pink yarrow flower essence, apple cider vinegar *, honey *



suggested use: take 15 drops as needed.