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Palo Santo Wood Incense Brick

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The purest Palo Santo incense, provides the closest experience to smudging Palo Santo wood in natura, yet with the ease of use in being powdered and pressed in to incense bricks.

Incausa collaborates with artisans, villages and associations of eight different native ethnicities in the Amazon Basin. Acting as a non-profit patron, subsidizing logistics and production, developing sustainable retail and wholesale market-placements. 

Palo Santo
The Andean indigenous Bursera graveolens tree naturally produces aromatic hypoallergenic resins that grow in concentration with age, making this naturally resin-infused wood one of the most fragrant in the world.

Incausa sources their Palo Santo from an authorized traditional community in Northern Peru. The National Forest and Wild Fauna Service regulates harvest and commercialization of Palo Santo to protect it from illegal harvesting that can damage and hinder its natural growth and regeneration.