October 28: Practical Magic Mondays

October 28: Practical Magic Mondays

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October Topic: “Death, Ancestors, and Samhain”

Our first gathering! We will start the night with introductions, creating an ancestor altar, and snacks. The rest of the night will be split between:

  • Discussion of the Skeleton Woman myth (Women Who Run With The Wolves, Ch. 5).
  • Presentations on the topics of death, ancestors, and Samhain.
  • Activity/crafts! (TBD)
  • Conversation about what we want from Practical Magic Mondays.

Suggested reading:

  • Women Who Run With The Wolves, Chapter 5: “Skeleton Woman”

Suggested things to bring:

  • A photo/memento of an ancestor or beloved dead.
  • Any spells, rituals, traditions you’d like to share regarding death, ancestors, Samhain.
  • A snack to share (seasonal foods encouraged!)
  • Journal, pen.
  • Any books you own that go along with the topic.

Are you interested in making magic a daily part of your life, but struggle to find the time/motivation/space? Has your bedroom altar become a dusty and ignored? Or are you a daily practitioner looking for more magical community?

Practical Magic Mondays is simply a club for folks interested in creating community around magic and sharing our knowledge, rituals, and traditions. Each gathering will involve a presentation, a discussion, and a craft/activity around a rotating theme. If you would like to lead a presentation or activity, GREAT! Please email practicalmagicmondays@gmail.com 

This gathering will be welcoming to all who share the values of The Future and is open to being shaped by its members.
Please bring snacks to share if able!

6:30-8:30pm. Suggested donation of $5-$20

*Image “The Kelpie” by Jessica Seamans (LANDLAND)