October 21: Astrology 101: Read Your Own Chart

October 21: Astrology 101: Read Your Own Chart

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Consider this DIY Astrology! Learn to interpret your own birth chart, tools to use to figure out what's upcoming in your life, and learn the basics of astrology.

We'll go over terms you might hear (Mercury retrograde, Saturn return, Chiron, etc.) and the basics of the planets, signs and houses, and put all this together to learn to read your own personal birth chart. Your new knowledge can be applied to romance, sex, your career or other moves. 

Please come to this workshop with your birth information (date, time and place if known). You will leave with a printout of your birthchart, and resources to keep learning about astrology.

This workshop is led by Lacey Prpic Hedtke, who has been studying astrology for 25 years, and is currently in an astrology mentorship with Jeff Hinshaw. 

4-6pm. Sliding scale $30 (suggested)-$15