November 20: Plants of the Underworld: Poisonous plants and how to use them

November 20: Plants of the Underworld: Poisonous plants and how to use them

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This workshop will take you into the world of poisonous plants. We will have a guided meditation that takes us into the depths of the underworld - exploring the folklore and magick of the following plants. Materia medicas for each plant will be provided along with an essence to take home.


-Ghost pipe

-Poisonous hemlock

-Wolfs bane

-Amanita sp.

-Sacred Datura

Harlon from Bitter Moon Apothecary is leading this workshop. 

Bitter Moon Apothecary provides affordable and custom made herbal products, bodywork, cupping, counseling and herbal education to those of all backgrounds. They are committed to working with people in the sex trade, trans and queer folks, people of color, people living with disabilities, teens and everyone in between. This is so that health, herbal education and self care are accessible to anyone seeking them. Bitter Moon Apothecary is committed to fostering ally-ship within my community through social justice, anti-racist organizing, economic equality and decolonization. 

Bitter Moon Apothecary is committed to a solidarity not charity model of social justice through anti-racist education and transformative experiences. Bitter Moon Apothecary will work actively to challenge issues of both internal and external white supremacy and gentrification in South Minneapolis.

Bitter Moon Apothecary is dedicated to healing justice work in the South Minneapolis community and beyond.

IG: harlon_bitter.moon.apothecary

6-8pm. $20 and sliding scale to trans and non-binary folks