Nordic Seas Bath Tea

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Journey to the Northern Seas with this refreshing, rejuvenating bath tea.

The Nordic Sea Bath tea was created to invoke a sense of safety and happiness. Using plants and herbs that are native to Scandinavia, this is a new traditional remedy. The combination of herbs in this bath are meant to calm your mind, body, and soul.

How to use:

Shake bag well. Measure out 5 T of tea into either a bath tea strainer or into a quart mason jar. If you have a bath tea strainer, simply put the strainer in the tub and draw yourself a bath. If you don’t have a bath tea strainer, put herbs in a quart mason jar and pour boiling water over them. Allow to steep for 20 minutes, then add to a bath.

Enjoy on its own or add your favorite essential oils.


Salt, Birch Leaf, Bladderwrack, Calendula, Hops, Icelandic Moss, Mugwort, Rose, Rose Absolut Essential Oil, Juniper Essential Oil