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Moon Phase Potions

Moon Phase Potions

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Sarah Gottesdiener and Dori Midnight have collaborated on these moon potions to work with  different phases of the moon:
  • New: Ready and willing. Sowing seeds to be planted inside of a heart’s desire.  Opening to what is possible. Kaleidoscope glints of hope on the other side of a clearing. To cultivate sweet beginnings. Ingredients: Pink moonstone, labradorite, copper, milkweed seed, blackberry, golden birch, new moon peach bud & forsythia in snow melt honey brandy. 
  • Full: Abundance. Shining gratitude. Harvesting gifts. Culminations, illuminations, revelations, celebrations. Psychic transmissions. The veil lifts, step into the light. The answers come. Say thank you. Ingredients: Rainbow moonstone, white precious opal, silver, naked lady, mugwort, white birch, full moon whale songs in honey brandy 
  • Dark: Trust in what cannot be seen. Release and renewal. Weeding and composting. Turning the page. Transmuting rage. Leaning into forgiveness. Your magic guides you. The underworld is a fruitful space. Ingredients: Grey moonstone, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, ghost pipe, black birch, witch hazel, dark moon kelp in honey brandy.

Each are 30mL.