May 22: Group Breathwork + Astrology at Yess Yoga

May 22: Group Breathwork + Astrology at Yess Yoga

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Join Amy from Constellation Acupuncture & Healing Arts, and Lacey from The Future, for group astrology + breathwork at Yess Yoga. Breathwork is an active meditation that helps you release old wounds, shed limiting beliefs, connect you to your intuition, inspire creativity, and allow intentions to integrate into the physical and energetic bodies. It’s like an emotional scrub brush for the body! Through this release, breathwork creates space for new energy and ideas to grow and thrive. 

There’s significant power in coming together in a sacred container to breathe and open our hearts together as a group. This group dynamic allows you to care for yourself while you care for your community through group healing.

This 90-min event will be split into three parts: time to reflect on the current astrology and how it’s showing up in our lives, time to lay down and breathe together, and time after the breathing to share and witness.

No previous breathwork experience necessary. Wear comfy clothes, bring a yoga mat, and also an eye covering if you want. 

Exchange is $25 in advance, $30 at the door - RSVP here.

We recognize the financial disparity that BIPOC and trans folks have historically and continue to face, and know that Minneapolis is #1 in the country for racial disparities. As cis-white women, one small thing we can do to help bridge that gap is offer reduced price tickets to BIPOC and trans folx. Each event offers a 50% off coupon code for a portion of tickets.