March 26: Advanced Mediumship 2: Facilitating Communication

March 26: Advanced Mediumship 2: Facilitating Communication

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Once you are a practiced medium and you are able to trust what you receive, you are ready to help others by facilitating conversations between them and those they love who have passed. This workshop will help you establish practices for working with others so that you can facilitate conversations as clearly and efficiently as possible. It will also help you trust your connection & know what to ask or suggest when the information you receive does not match what the person expects.

Amanda Joy, of Joyful Bridges, has been a practicing medium for 21 years, and has mentored developing mediums for the last 6 years. She focuses on facilitating conversations for those who need closure with loved ones, healing conflicts between the living and their loved ones, clearing spaces, and helping earthbound spirits cross over. She also does energy work, intuitive sessions, and Akashic Records sessions.

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Insta: @joyfulbridgesmn

6-8pm. $30