July 12, August 2: Intro to Witchcraft: 201-301

July 12, August 2: Intro to Witchcraft: 201-301

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Do you crave a personal connection to spellwork? Are you looking to evolve your witchcraft? This is the series of workshops for you!

Join Abbie of Northern Lights Witch for an evening of magic, community, and witchcraft through the lens of the DIY ethic. Abbie has been a practicing witch for 15 years. She was first initiated into a coven, but has been practicing solitary for over a decade. Through her solitary practice and her own study, she has found that the most effective spells are those that you build yourself, based on your personal relationship to the divine and the material world. It's important to read widely and learn from the many resources out there, to come together in community as witches, but it is especially empowering to develop your own relationship to your craft.
If you have any questions, you can email Abbie directly: abbie@northernlightswitch.org.
Class Descriptions:
July 12, 7-9pm

In her DIY Witchcraft 101, Abbie walked us through defining witchcraft for ourselves, personal correspondences, and making magick with everyday objects. In DIY Witchcraft 201, we'll be talking about different structures for spells, how to know when you need a full-blown ritual, timing your magick, and more. This course will help you to actually write different spells, understand a spell when you read one in a book, and customize spells to make them more potent. 

She will also give you tools and activities for strengthening your willpower and intention-setting for spellwork. Included in this class is 

Don't worry if you missed out on DIY Witchcraft 101 - you should be able to jump in for this course.

August 2, 7-9pm
In the final installment of the DIY Witchcraft series, we get to make magick together! In DIY Witchcraft 101, we talked about what exactly magic is, and how to begin to build your resources and skills as a witch through the lens of personal histories and culture. In DIY Witchcraft 201, we talked about the different structures for spells, and how to customize spellwork to be more effective. 

DIY Witchcraft 301 brings all of this knowledge together! We'll come together as a collective to write and perform our spells. We'll cast a circle at the beginning of class, and then write our own ritual. We'll perform the ritual with the assortment of tools Abbie will bring to class. 

Included in the price of this workshop are all tools we'll be using for the final spell.