January 29: Mediumship 102: Deepening your Connection

January 29: Mediumship 102: Deepening your Connection

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Once you have tried sensing the energy of spirits and connected with those who have passed, it’s helpful to practice in order to deepen your connection and trust yourself and the information you receive. This workshop is designed to give you some opportunities to practice and get validation on what you sense. We will also talk about how to differentiate between your own thoughts and feelings, and those that are communicated to you. Please join us if you have experienced connecting with spirits before, and want to learn to communicate at will and to trust the information you receive.

Amanda Joy, of Joyful Bridges, has been a practicing medium for 21 years, and has mentored developing mediums for the last 6 years. She focuses on facilitating conversations for those who need closure with loved ones, healing conflicts between the living and their loved ones, clearing spaces, and helping earthbound spirits cross over. She also does energy work, intuitive sessions, and Akashic Records sessions.

Insta: @joyfulbridgesmn
FB: https://www.facebook.com/joyfulbridges/

6-8pm. $30.