January 13 + 20: Wundertat: Introduction to Reiki

January 13 + 20: Wundertat: Introduction to Reiki

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“Wundertat” (voondartot) is a miraculous act. Wundertat is Cedar Leverett's reiki practice and the name of her table. This workshop will help you to understand the difference between reiki and intuitive hands-on energy work; help you to decide whether to become initiated; show you ways it is a community service, and give you a better idea of its origin. Wundertat will get into each level of reiki. She’ll talk about the ways reiki brings more meaning to personal growth, helping people, pets, situations, and the endless possibilities it offers in reducing stress.

January 13th will cover Reiki and Level 1.
January 20th will cover Reiki and Level 2 and Master teacher

These classes are perfect to get more acquainted with reiki, and will help you decide if you should become initiated. Cedar will give reiki demonstrations in each workshop.

As a consultant Cedar Leverett uses an intuition- and person- centered approach to helping people find their own words for creative recovery of their purpose.. She facilitates introduction to reiki workshops, teaches the use of daily Oracle divination, and gives talks on experiencing subtle energy in relationships, dreams, near-death experiences, and healing crisises. She also provides insight into the role of ritual in self-discovery. Content editing to those working on memoir and personal essays is another service she offers. 

She encourages inspiration through all things enchanting.

5-7pm. $60 for both classes or $30 for one class.