January 12 + 26: Elements of Queer Astrology

January 12 + 26: Elements of Queer Astrology

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The elements are the basis of astrological understanding. They are the foundation upon which to build our magic and a deeper understanding of astrology’s signs. In this two-part class, we will explore the elements through a queer and magical lens. The first night will focus on fire and air signs. The second class will be about water and earth. The class is appropriate for beginners, but Tere hopes some seasoned astrologers will show up too, to make the conversation lively and rich.

(Bring your chart or contact Tere for a copy at tere@starsdanceastrology.com)

Bio: Tere Parsley Starnes is a queer astrologer and hedge witch who uses astrology to dive deeper into awareness and magic. Tere has been a consulting and teaching astrologer for 25 years and a witch for 35 years. Their website is www.starsdanceastrology.com. Find their forecast based on the Moon at patreon.com/teristar.

6-8pm. Sliding scale for both classes: $40-$60.