Introduction to Gratitude + Self Love

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Introduction to Gratitude & Self Love is a 7-day, intensive course designed to help you appreciate yourself and your life exactly as it already is. This introductory course is a sub-section of the longer form Monthly Manifestation Manual.

When you tend to your relationship with yourself, everything else falls into place. Because your reality is merely a reflection of your vibration, and your vibration is the signal you send with your emotions, all that matters is how you feel. The best way to feel good and send the universe the signal of “yes please, more please” is to practice appreciating yourself and your surroundings as they already are.

Practicing self love and gratitude is not necessarily about pretending to like something you don’t. The exercises in this workbook help you practice acceptance. Acceptance without judgement means alignment with source–a pure vibration devoid of resistant or negative thought. When you appreciate the way things already are, the things you appreciate grow. When you project love, your life experience returns that love.

Introduction to Gratitude & Self Love is a 20-page, 5.5×8.5″ saddle-stitched booklet.