Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine

Fiddler's Green Peculiar Parish Magazine

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Vol. 2 No. 1  

Fourth issue, “Crown & Crossroads,” published June 2017, with copper titling, a cover drawn by Timothy Renner, and 44 pages of art and magic, including the following articles...

Our Peculiar Passion
Editorial by Clint Marsh
“The magazine grew from simple desires, among them a love of nature, a longing for fellowship, and an urge to explore the quiet mysteries of life.”

On the Meaning of Life
by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche
“Because we would like to give birth to wisdom or spirituality, we are rushing constantly. We perch on the egg, or grip the branches of the tree like a bird.”

Gettin’ On Okay: Self-Reliance and the Witch, by Melissa Madara, illustrations by Adrienne Rozzi
“In a modern world that daily distances us from spirituality and keeps us forever entrapped in dependence upon unjust systems, there can be no greater protest than belief in magic, nor a more radical witchcraft than self-reliance.”

On Skepticism
by Andrew M. Reichart, illustration by Alexis Berger
“Could it be that my interactions with Odin are only a figment of my imagination? Of course; but when I talk that way, He goes away, and who could blame Him? So I don’t.”

Of Magic and Manners
by Cody Dickerson
“You may be met with derision, and yet you exacted that meticulous and precise operation that is response, not reaction, and in doing so, indulged in the Noble Art, the reification of utter witchery.”

The Ring of Truth: The Casting and Use of the Magic Circle, by Clint Marsh
“I don’t want to know how to turn invisible, and I’m not in search of my one true love. I’m making the circle because I want to open a window between this world and the magical one, the place where elves and dreams of flight are born.”

The Lapwing Stars, by Tom Hirons
“The pheasant in the spinney has it;
Half-glimpsed, gold as a fairytale thread.
As the boy steps between the trees,
Time peels away like leaves of bark,
Century by century by century.”

Special Section: 
The Magic of the English Downs

England, My Lionheart, by Kenneth MacKriell, illustrations by Timothy Renner
“I spent my childhood and adolescence inventing a dramatic narrative for Sussex, but had I been less myopic I would have realised that the England I was lucky enough to be living in was already a magical landscape.”

Bigwigs and Pipkins, Reading Watership Down During Dark Times, by Artnoose, illustration by Virginia Lee
“When the rabbits gather to set out on their own and build a new warren, they do not bring together the biggest and strongest. At the onset, the group is tied together by a simple affinity of the willing.”

Gods of the Downs
A Gallery by Alex CF
Depictions of the Black Rabbit of Inlé, El-ahrairah, and Lord Frith

Fiddler’s Green Peculiar Parish Magazine presents essays on individual awakenings to magic in our fourth issue. These 44 pages include art and writing on the seductive nature of spiritual striving, the possibilities of voluntary wonder, self-sovereignty, etiquette, Goetic magic, the eeriness of the English countryside, the powerful messages and entities in Watership Down, and a poem on initiation and landscape. In his opening editorial, Clint Marsh reflects on our collective creation of Fiddler’s Greenover the course of the series so far. With letters from readers, reviews of publications received, and instructions for oracular wishing well magic by Craig Conley. 48 illustrations.