February 3: New Moon Circle with Moon Babes Collective

February 3: New Moon Circle with Moon Babes Collective

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Calling all BABES! (girl babes/boy babes/non-binary babes/ALL THE BABES) If you didn’t know you were a babe already, TRUST ME, if you are reading this you are a total BABE. 

We are gathering at The Future for a New Moon Circle. We will be preparing for the New Moon that is happening later this week. The New Moon (that happens every 28 days) is the perfect time to set an intention or start something new. Come help us harness the power of the MOON cycle and learn how to manifest your best with other magical babes!

JOIN US! We will be focusing on the concept of SELF-LOVE. 

We have all heard it. Heck, we all say it! But do all of us actually TREAT ourselves like we we LOVE ourselves? Explore this topic with us Babe, you deserve it!

Watch for this event every month on the Sunday closest to the actual New Moon. 

Come to The Future and start 2019 with the Moon Babes. 

Registration $20 

You can NOW purchase a SEASON PASS which means 3 months for $50