Eventide Elixir

Eventide Elixir

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contains the tinctures of ethically wildcrafted blue vervain & red clover blossoms with periwinkle flower essence + raw NC honey


this bitter-sweet blend contains the blue-pink hues of eventide 

it was formulated to help move through stagnation, lift the spirit, & soothe the mind

 for bringing a sense of deep serenity & sweet dreams in the day or at night

blue vervain (Verbena hastata)

this gorgeous plant is one of my favorites ~ bitter, aromatic, moving, & relaxing. aside from easing headaches & sore joints, it is wonderful for tension release. blue vervain is also a great nervous system tonic. it helps to bring calm strength to a frazzled & overworked nervous system; to salve mental fatigue from over-thinking, stress, or self analytics. it is uplifting, soothes the brooding temperament. it is an amazing antispasmodic, helping the muscles to relax & release tension—i always think of this plant for people that cannot go with the flow or who feel dammed up inside. it is also specific for those who hold a lot of stress in the neck, jaw, &/or upper back & shoulders, who may also be prone to holding their breath 

periwinkle (Vinca major)

made during the evening as a storm rolled in on the 15th of april, 2018 while the sun & new moon sat in aries. this is an essence for spelunking & deep traversing. beneficial for people who cannot seem to slow their roll. it calls us inward & helps us to look inside &/or reflect upon our internal landscape. seems to draw us into further & further discovery of self. periwinkle invites us to devote time to our inner world, to the seat of our soul, to our explore & wonder at our “luminous depths.” thus, it helps us to know how to change, how to grow, not only in relationship to self but in long-term relationships with another

red clover blossoms (Trifolium pratense)

this is a lovely, sweet, relaxing, & nutritive lymphatic. it is going to help move things about in the lymphatic system, helping to work through emotional blocks & emotional knots & the things which one needs to let go of, at their own pace & in their own time—all in all, this plant inspires movement & circulation of emotion. it connects us to our own inner child & childlike nature, bringing a sense of innocence, playfulness, & brightness into life…. like getting let loose into a sunny field & being able to run about freely 

  • please note

    each eventide elixir will arrive to you in 1 oz., clear glass bottle


    as always, they are bottled to order with love & intention