Eudialyte Tumbled

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"Imbued with life-force energy, Eudialyte opens the heart chakra, links it to the base and earth chakras and aligns chakra flow to connect spirit and mind with the emotional body, bringing about profound reorientation. By showing how to rectify unfortunate choices and open to truth, Eudialyte teaches that you can grow spiritually through joy and fulfillment rather than suffering, embracing the fullness of all that life on earth has to offer. If you need a situation or relationship to end, Eudialyte assists in doing so with grace and peace rather than conflict.

Eudialyte assists in journeying to past lives. A stone of purification and atonement, it aligns you to your true purpose.

A stone of personal empowerment, Eudialyte chases away depression and dissatisfaction, releasing negative emotions such as jealousy, anger, guilt, resentment and animosity. Promoting self-forgiveness and healthy self-love, it expedites profound change, instills confidence and assists in learning from apparent mistakes. This stone teaches that you cannot be well--or happy--if your creativity is blocked or unexpressed. It assists in finding an outlet, treasuring your gifts.

Drawing together soul-companions, it reveals the reason for the reunion. If you meet a 'soulmate' who does not want to know, or you are strongly attracted to someone but question whether a sexual relationship is right or whether there is some other purpose to the meeting, meditating or sleeping with Eudialyte reveals the answer--which may come about in an unexpected way."

-Judy Hall's Crystal Bible

Price is per stone. Made by the earth, so each piece is different.