Ease the Fuzz Tincture

Ease the Fuzz Tincture

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This blend is for when anxiety and stress interrupts clear thinking and makes you feel fuzzy all over. If you are so worn out that you can't think or if your memory and concentration are dropping, this blend will help nourish your nervous system and support your busy brain.

Hops: As Sean Donahue notes, hops are a great sedative for people who live in their heads.

Meadowsweet is helpful for when the exhaustion and anxiety manifests itself in headaches and digestion issues.

Oat Tops are cooling and moistening. They are lovely for increasing mental clarity and concentration and for supporting a way depleted nervous system, whether it's from longterm stress, too many obligations or excess in many forms.

Catnip calms nerves and allows you to rest.

 Ingredients: hops, meadowsweet, oat tops, catnip and vodka


All herbs are either locally and ethically hand-collected or come from an organic herb company or farm.

(not for use during pregnancy. herbs are safe but please do research to make sure they are safe for you and your body and needs.)

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease and has not been evaluated by the FDA.