Dream Wisely: A Lunar Cycle Companion

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Consider this book an invitation to understand the next six months of your life not as four 7 day periods called October or April but rather as 6 distinct lunar cycles that ebb and flow according to the journey the moon takes around the earth.There’s no wrong way to engage with Dream Wisely--use what calls to you and forget the rest. Better yet, use it in some way we didn’t even imagine or suggest. Consider this a un-planner, a deplanner. A space to release yourself from the typical ways you’ve engaged with your time, your schedule, and your intentions and explore new approaches toward your time and your energy. Dream Wisely was created to help you engage deeply with your imagination, inspiration, intuition, and creativity. We provided notes on the astrology, themed tarot spreads, and journal prompts to guide you into personal alignment with each lunar cycle. Each cycle, we invite you to record your dreams each week, as well as keep track of habits you are releasing or calling in for the period. Plant and goddess allies are featured to offer support and guidance as you experience the moon waxing and waning.

For the Libra new moon (September 28, 2019) to the Aries new moon (March 24, 2020).