Digestness Herb Infused Chews

Digestness Herb Infused Chews

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DIGEST-NESS | citrus-ginger & sweet with a spark

Bright citrus, honey, and a hint of spice for a blissful belly. These everything-nice herbal gummies will have your digestive fire burning bright, and your palate super pleased.

Why: Improved digestion with a side of gut-healing. 

When: Before meals to prepare the stomach to receive with improved digestion and enhanced absorption. Also excellent after a meal—or any time, let’s be honest.

Key Ingredients:

TANGERINE. Citrus is one of the best herbal digestives on earth. It encourages the production of stomach juices, enzymes, and a microbiome-bettering balance. Lifts mood and manages cravings.

PLANTAIN LEAF & CALENDULA. Helps heal leaky gut by mending the stomach lining. Closes tight-gap junctions—the stomach joints that, when loose, can equate to leaky gut. Seals, soothes, nourishes, and strengthens.

CHAMOMILE. Carminative (improves digestion and motility) and nervine (loves the nervous system). Smooth-muscle relaxer to ease cramps and stuck-ness. Great for all ages and any time of day, especially around meals

FENNEL EXTRACT & FRESH FENNEL SEEDS. Ancient Ayurvedic digestive remedy. High in botanical oils that work wonders on the microbiome. We love it so much, we included it twice—both concentrated and fresh.

GINGER. Vibrant bites of actual, real ginger in every Digest-ness chew. Warming, digestion enhancer, immune booster, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. … and too many great benefits to list!

CATNIP. Catnip is carminative (herb for digestion), bitter (another herb for digestion!), and astringent (an internal toner). Useful for digestive issues like gas, indigestion and heartburn. Gastrointestinal antispasmodic and nervous system support.

Herbalist-designed | supernatural ingredients

No added or processed sugar, syrups or sneaky sugar by other names. No gums, no waxes, no weird stabilizers. Entirely Supernatural.

One box contains 17 HRBLS