Digestive Bitters

Digestive Bitters

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Digestive Bitters! Digestive support.

The bitter flavor triggers bile flow. Bile is needed for digestion of fat and fat soluble vitamins. Bitters are traditionally used for gas, bloating, heartburn and liver health. Do not use if pregnant or with a serious liver or gallbladder condition.


Greyhound: Vodka, filtered water, honey, grapefruit peel*, Wisconsin ginseng, cordyceps*, cardamom*, gentian*, hops*, home grown coriander

Cedar Chaga: Old Grand-Dad whiskey, filtered water, cedar, chaga*, Wisconsin ginseng, wild cherry bark, cinchona, cassia*

Citrus Ginseng: Vodka, filtered water, sucanat*, tangerine*, Wisconsin ginseng, chaga*, green cardamom*, gentian*, cloves*, allspice*, home grown coriander

Rose Gold: Jameson whiskey, filtered water, apple peel*, sucanat*, lemon zest*, lions mane*, frereana frankincense, cinchona*, gentian*, cinnamon*, allspice*, home grown coriander

*Organic ingredient

Shake bottle, take 40 drops directly on tongue before meals.

2oz glass bottle with dropper.