December 8: A Night in the Akashic Records

December 8: A Night in the Akashic Records

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Calling all Soul Seekers!

You are invited to an evening of unconditional love and sacred wisdom from the Akashic Records.

This event is for you if:

>>>You’ve been curious about the buzz around the Akashic Records and want to learn more

>>>You’ve been feeling distant from your wise self lately and you want to get reconnected

>>>You’ve got a big burning question and you desire some soul-level guidance

We will do a guided meditation in the Akashic Records and a group reading.  Each person will have the opportunity to ask one question. (Optional.)

Bio: Dawn Marian is an Akashic Records Channel and Teacher. She has been working with the wonders of Akashic Records Wisdom and Healing Energy for a decade +++. You can learn more about Dawn and the Akashic Records at

7-9pm. $30.