December 2: Moon Babes

December 2: Moon Babes

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Calling all BABES! 

(girl babes/boy babes/non-binary babes/ALL THE BABES)

And if you didn’t know you were a babe already, (TRUST ME) 

if you are reading this YOU ARE A TOTAL BABE 

and we would love to meet you. 


Come to The Future 

for a New Moon Circle 

on Sunday, December 2 at 6 p.m.

We will be setting our intentions for the coming moon cycle and talking about BASIC ASTRO CHARTS.

Do you know your sun, moon, and rising signs? 

Or even what that means? 

Join us for a bold and honest discussion about why we pay attention to astrology. It starts with understanding more about ourselves.  

Come and discuss with us!

Register NOW! 

Space is limited 

6pm. $15 offering