Cycles Journal 2021: A Guide to Tracking Your Lunar and Menstrual Cycles-PRE ORDER

Cycles Journal 2021: A Guide to Tracking Your Lunar and Menstrual Cycles-PRE ORDER

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This is a tool for those seeking to prioritize self-care, slow down and deeply listen 
to their own body’s wisdom. Whether you bleed currently or not, are on birth control, are pregnant, expecting or have an irregular cycle, this journal will help you follow all symptoms & patterns of your uterus & body.

a lunar calendar & planner for 
menstrual tracking & inner healing.

Reclaiming the power of your cycle helps you regain control within your life — so that you can heal + transform your relationship with yourself, others & the world.

Who is this for?
~all womb-bearers no matter your gender identities
~all womxn & folks in their menstrual stage of life
~all who bleed, once bled or wish to bleed again
~all types of cycles - present, irregular, non-present, post-partum
~anyone else who wants to track self-care & symptoms - even if you're menopausal or pregnant


  • Follow your menstrual cycle alongside the moon’s cycle

  • Notice your own patterns from one cycle to the next

  • Lunar months instead of calendar months for easy comparison & to serve as an anchor for irregular or non-existent periods

  • Space for your own unique symptoms

  • Astrological symbols for consideration


  • Dated pages from the end of Dec. 2020 - Dec 2021

  • Space to expand in more detail on your symptoms

  • Intention-setting space per quarter moon

  • Illustration of the moon’s phase per day

  • Consider weather & astrology’s impact

  • Track fertility with your temperature

  • Reminders to track & tune in


  • Record your patterns, caution days, bliss days & irregularities

  • Reminders for self-exams & date nights with yourself

  • Find where your cycle aligns with the lunar cycle

  • Reminders to plan & prepare for your next cycle

  • Integrate your cycle into your life & work

  • Keep track of your favorite rituals

  • Extra space for inspiration


  • Featuring amazing healers

  • Inspiring you through many modes of healing

  • Sprinkled throughout & each mo(o)nth

  • Connecting you to nature & potential

  • Illustrations to spark magic

  • Rituals to help you find embodiment & connection


  • 6"x9” Hardcover Journal with Lay-Flat Binding
  • 320 pages: Full color printing — Aprox 1.5 lbs
  • Premium 120g paper: FSC Certified, Uncoated & easy to write on without any bleed or resistance
  • High-quality features: Rounded corners — Scratch-resistant cover — Illustrated end-leaves
  • Extra Included Features: Accordion pocket — 2 Ribbon Bookmarks — Elastic band enclosure
  • Printed in limited quantity: Ethical small batch printer in Europe — Eco-friendly packaging

Cycles Journal is a guide to uncover your inner & outer cyclical wisdom by helping you…

  • prioritize tracking and integrating your cycle as a regular part of your daily planning & scheduling—no calendar should be without your menstrual cycle

  • celebrate our fluxes and flows which are usually shamed, repressed, or dreaded by both society and ourselves

  • allow space and intention to process and understand these patterns

  • give more credence to the internal yin & feminine voice and energy—listening to it and living by it rather than solely the external voices and yang energies, like most of us are taught

  • notice your flows and take some blame off yourself

  • plan around your life for greater ease and more energy

Why this tool is life-changing:

Cycle-First Design

While other planners and calendars fit in tracking your cycle secondarily amongst the other parts of your life, Cycles Journal helps you notice your period first. It’s about dedicating to listening to your body’s signs, so you can mold your life around the cyclical map your body lays out for you.

Unique Art & Illustrations

With inspiring visuals, Cycles Journal creator and artist Rachael Amber invites you to bring more joy towards your cycle and womb healing. Each year features new illustrations that harness the intention behind the journal — they are meant to help us visualize our feelings and the profound beauty of connecting deeper.

Devotional Practices that Cultivate Self-Care 

We are learning the value of forming a devoted relationship with ourselves through our vital & innate creative cycle. In bringing your cycle’s power & messages to the forefront of your awareness, you’ll be able to ride the currents of your shifting waves rather than feeling like they control or sabotage your life.

Both Lunar & Menstrual Insight

While there are many lunar calendars available, Cycles Journal is menstrual- and lunar-focused. By bringing in the wisdom of both the moon and our inner patterns, we come into alignment with the natural cycles that exist in tandem with one another. Understanding both is the most powerful combination to enhance our lives.

Physical Tool Rather than an App

So many of us are trying to spend more time away from our phones so we can experience life in a more grounded and present way. Yes, there are apps out there for menstrual tracking. But a more intimate and physical tool takes you away from your screen, does not track or collect your personal data, and helps you dedicate to deeper reflection of your vital and innate creative cycle.

Grassroots & Self-Published

Cycles Journal was created for and by someone just like you. It’s hand-drawn and carefully designed based on our own personal experience. It’s intended to share with others a way to find the same connection we’ve found through this journey. We are a small, independent project focused on inciting change in the mass-produced society that separates us from our inner nature, our inner wild — our inner knowing.

An Anchor for Those with Irregular Cycles

When we are not cycling regularly it can be ultimately discouraging to feel like we have control or prediction of our cycles and bodies. Cycles Journal integrates the lunar phases because the moon can be our guide when our body needs a map. By using the new moon as your Day 1, you can begin to track and understand your unique phases, benefitting from tracking and learning to regulate and follow your cycle as it figures out its journey.