Chill Your Heart Out Elixir

Chill Your Heart Out Elixir

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Crafted with herbs that are supportive to the heart & nervous system, this formula soothes your heart & frayed nerves from all the microaggressions & trauma we experience & carry with us on a daily basis. This is an uplifting & calming blend.

Ingredients: wild linden flowers, bracts, & leaves,wild motherwort, wild skullcap, wild violet, raw cacao from puerto morelos farmers market, hawthorn, oatstraw, lavender, rose, garden calendula, garden lemon balm, garden tulsi, brandy, honey

Gem Essences: rose quartz to soothe & strengthen your physical & energetic heart

Suggested Use: 1-3 droppers as needed. I invite you to start with smaller doses & pay attention to how your body responds. Ideal dosage can vary by body size & metabolism. Shake well before use.

1 ounce