Autumn Essence Bundle

Autumn Essence Bundle

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circulating, inspiring, + resilient

 cayenne a remedy of fire, action, empowerment, & creative spark. instills confidence & an energetic awareness of one's own capabilities & talents: it helps us "own", appreciate, & come into our gifts. especially helpful for those with a tendency towards stagnation, numbness, fearfulness, or who find it difficult to move forward/change. it is passionate, swift, & full of momentum. like lava at your heels

chain of gold this essence surrounds us in halo, a golden ring of light. it thus allows us to feel the radiating warmth & joy of life, to feel energized & filled with creative inspiration. reminds us of our own inner wealth, restores our reserves, brings us into contact with our personal strength & endurance. also connects us to our ability to manifest our desires into reality, to feel confidant to shine, to nourish an unbreakable spirit

elder flower this essence is about healing & renewal, allowing us to find strength to see situations as they are, without rose-colored glasses. this essence is paternal, showing us "how it is" & supporting us through that process. it instills energy, vigor, & resilience when we feel defeated, exhausted, & depleted. this essence is all about being shown your path, whether or not you like what you see, & knowing that you can follow it ~ that you have a guardian with you along the way

please note

each essence bundle will contain the essences described above. they will arrive to you in 2 dram, amber glass bottles

these essences are preserved with brandy 

as always, they are bottled to order with love & intention