August 3: Unshaming with Signs: Radically Reframing Your Relationship to the Zodiac

August 3: Unshaming with Signs: Radically Reframing Your Relationship to the Zodiac

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In the spring of 2023, astrologer Britten LaRue, author of Living Astrology, first introduced her framework Unshaming the Signs. Britten came onto the idea as she noticed that the number one burden her clients and students carry is shame. And that if we come to the chart looking for problems with who we are, we will surely find them. By unshaming the signs, we begin to disrupt patterns of seeing the world and ourselves through the lens of shame, and become more available to receiving the wisdom of the planets.  

In this workshop, Britten lays out the philosophical foundations of this framework, which encourages you to see yourself as all 12 signs. The signs can act as clues to help us notice the ways that shame can hide itself. If we think of the signs as different parts of ourselves and how we show up in the world, each is a facet for shame to thrive, consciously or unconsciously. 

Unshaming the ambition of Capricorn. Unshaming the slow pace of Taurus. Britten invites you to feel into the intelligence at the root of these stereotypes and give yourself compassion, which is the antidote to shame. Since introducing this framework, Britten’s community has more than doubled. In March 2024, Britten was interviewed about Unshaming the Signs on The Astrology Podcast, where the episode has received a huge swell of support on YouTube. Join Britten to learn about experience this framework for yourself. 

An introductory understanding of astrology is helpful for this workshop but not required. 

Britten LaRue, MA, is a public astrologer, author, teacher, and intuitive guide. A self-described “recovering academic,” she left behind a twenty-year career in art history to reinvent herself at mid-life. Britten is known and loved by her community for modeling what it looks like to live from one’s dream field. Creator of Emergence Astrology, Britten’s deepest calling is to be a midwife for those in the process of birthing their own inner knowing, healing from shame, and learning to trust themselves again with the reckless freedom they deserve. Her first book Living Astrology: How to Weave the Wisdom of the 12 Signs Into Your Everyday Life was recently released in March 2024. She’s a Pisces Sun, Capricorn Moon, and Aries Rising. You can find Britten online at or @brittenlarue.